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Serve the Lord and the Needy.





Admiration & esteem are our qualities. We educate by being positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, trusting, listening and establishing an atmosphere of mutual respect.




Energetic, strong, well - built and intellectual young minds for jubilant and vibrant nation.
We equip our students with good character, discipline, self - esteem, self - responsibility and above all self confidence to face the world's challenging and competitive trends.



  • Faith in God
  • Love of fellow beings
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Moral uprightness
  • Social responsibilities
School Contact
80156 86242
Smt. D.V. Dhanalakshmi
Sri. P.Vijayaraghavan
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Vice Chairman
Sri. R. Surendra Babu
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Sri. Santhosh Nair
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Join Secretary
Sri. S.N. Balasubramanian
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Sri. S. Ravikumar
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